Tips To Combat Mommy Fatigue

Moms today are under a lot of pressure. These pressures come from society, spouses, teachers, doctors, friends, family members, and, sadly, even other moms. They must raise well-rounded, athletic, healthy, and smart kids. While under this pressure, they deal with their kids day in and day out, and for some moms this includes night in and night out. The cleaning, the meals, the appointments, the activities, the shopping, not to mention all the normal mom worries, as well as the arguing complaining and sibling fighting. It’s never ending. No wonder so many moms today are feeling burned out and fatigued.

However, there is help for those wary moms. These tips are proven to help combat mommy fatigue and burnout.

1. Focus on Good Enough

Let go of all of these pressures and what society or your best friend thinks you should be doing as a mom. No one can live up to all of these standards, even if Mrs. Jones down the street seems to be. Simply caring for your children consistently is key. You do not have to be Martha Stewart or Dr. Sears. Cut yourself some slack and focus on your positives. Try to maintain a balance between meeting the needs of your family and meeting your needs as well. There is no such thing as a perfect mom. Oftentimes, letting go of unrealistic expectations and goals alone can help you to be a better, more relaxed mom.

2. Find Your Village

All moms need support and people they can turn to when the going gets rough. For some moms simply calling a friend or a family member to vent about what their child just did or feelings they may be experiencing can be a form of support. Others will need to call these same people and ask them to watch their children while they have some time away to unwind. Taking time to relax with a spouse or even with yourself can go a long way into refreshing you as a mom. If getting a babysitter is not possible, joining an online community can even be helpful.

3. Add to Your Toolbox

Unfortunately, children do not come with owner’s manuals. However, parents should constantly be adding to their box of parenting tools. Some of these tools will be intuitive, some will be learned from our own parents or other parents, and some might be seen on television or read in a book. No matter where you get your tools from, it’s important to keep adding to your toolbox and discovering what works best for you and your children in a variety of situations.

4. Focus on You

This may seem counter-intuitive, however, many moms forget to focus on their simple needs. At the end of the day, we are still moms, not super human beings without physical needs. Taking time each day to focus on your physical needs can help you feel cared for and be in better spirits. Be sure you get some exercise and get enough sleep. Use the restroom; give yourself some bonus points if you can use it alone. Take time to also eat healthy foods. These little steps can go a long way into refreshing you as a mom.

Being a mom is never easy and you will never be a perfect mom. However, following these tips to combat mommy fatigue and burnout can make life easier on you and your entire family.

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