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Naya Health

Apps and smart devices for optimal women’s health.


Women who experience better performance with the Naya pump yield on average 30% more breast milk in less time compared to air-based pumps.


The HydoComfort Technology (TM) creates a more natural and comfortable experience. It feels more like a baby's mouth vs. a vacuum.


Easy-to-clean double electric, closed system breast pump takes less than half the time each day to clean.

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The Smart Breast Pump

A hospital-grade breast pump. As fast and hygienic as the leading hospital grade pumps — without the hospital.

Health Tracker App

Say Goodbye to your spreadsheet. Pair your pump with the Naya Health Tracker App and be amazed. You can record pump sessions, feeding sessions, your inventory, and mom’s sleep and hydration.

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Women deserve better

Naya is more than pumping and more than wanting the best for the baby. It’s about empowering women to live better by providing smarter options that match their lifestyle choices and meet their needs.

What the Press is Saying...

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kickstarter campaign funded over 100,000 dollars
“I like the silicone on the Naya flange. It makes the flange very comfortable and creates a great seal.”
mother with baby on bed
Medina M.
“There was no pinching and rubbing with the Naya pump, and I felt stronger suction.”
Sarah B.
“The Naya pump is definitely more comfortable, and I was able to pump more milk with the Naya flange.”
mother carrying little boy on beach
Kim W.

Don't you deserve a better pumping experience?

More milk. More comfort. In less time.

Our smart breast pump uses water instead of air to create a more comfortable and productive pumping experience.