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Why Naya? is your resource for all things pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What makes pumping with Naya better?

With the Naya Smart Breast Pump, you receive more comfort and more milk with less noise, all within a compact system. Plus, it’s smart.

Experience the Naya Difference

More comfortable

Naya’s flange receives ★★★★★ in ratings for comfort compared to ★★ of market leading brands. Naya is far more comfortable because it uses HydroComfort Technology™, and Naya is the only breast pump that uses water instead of air to gently express milk.

Express milk faster

Moms who experienced better performance using the Naya Smart Breast Pump reported an average of 29% more breast milk expression in the same amount of time compared to market leading brands.


Automatically track your pump sessions, milk supply, and receive personalized advice through the Naya Health Tracker App.


Naya eliminates noise at the source by using water instead of air, resulting in quieter and more peaceful pumping sessions.


At only three pounds, the pump is lightweight, convenient and designed to travel with you.

More than just a breast pump

mommy holding smiling baby up in the air

A breast pump like you've never seen

  1. Hospital-grade breast pump

    Compact, quiet, and cordless.

  2. Breast shield assembly

    Medical grade soft silicone softly cups the breast, feeling more natural.

  3. Storage Bag

    Sleek design keeps all accessories together. 3 color options available.

  4. Classic Bottles

    Two BPA-free Naya Classic Bottles. Includes bottle lids, anti-colic nipples with caps, and nipple adapters.

smiling baby held by smiling mother

More than just a breastfeeding app

More than just a breastfeeding app, with the Naya Health Tracker app you can connect your pump, track sessions, and view your inventory and weekly trends at-a-glance.

Connect and control your Naya Smart Breast Pump using the Naya Health Tracker App.

Automatically track pump sessions.

Keep track of your inventory.

See daily and weekly stats at-a-glance.

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Be the first in line when units are available. (There is no fee to join the waitlist.)