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Our Story

It all started with a simple idea: a better breast pump experience.

With three young children at home, and me returning to work full time, it was going to be quite the challenge to provide breast milk for everyone. It was made especially difficult because most breast pumps back then really weren’t that good.

I decided that I deserved a better pumping experience. I deserved it, and women everywhere deserved it. That’s how I set out on a path to find a better breast pump.

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Bringing better technology to women's health

And so, Naya Health was born — a company dedicated to bringing better technology to health products for modern moms. My husband and I designed and built the first prototype of our “Smart Pump” breast pump. It was the first in a lineup of design-centric, user-friendly health products engineered to make life easier for women and families.

Along with continual product improvement, we have been expanding into other high-tech products that can improve your health and well-being. We have created smart pumps, smart bottles, and a smart app to pull it all together and streamline the breastfeeding process.

Today, the Naya Health Advisory Team is made up of renowned physicians, lactation experts, and healthcare technologists who have joined forces to create positive change for families everywhere.

Will you join us for our next chapter?

Naya Health: better technology for modern moms.