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Slowing Down: 3 Insights for Balancing a Healthy Home as a Busy Mom

As a mom, you’re so busy. But if you don’t take time to reflect, it will all be over in an instant! So, slow down, and be mindful.

Here are three insights from motherhood experts:

Be mindful of the moment.

When it feels like a million things are happening at once, try a mindfulness practice. This will help you to focus on (and fully appreciate) the present moment.

All those upcoming tasks on your to-do list, that’s the future. Don’t think about them until necessary.

Remain calm and patient.

Build in time buffers.

With a small child, everything is going to take longer. There will be so many unforeseen circumstances.

So, anytime you have a deadline or have to be somewhere, make sure you allot more time than you think you need.

This can cut down on stress.

Schedule time to slow down.

We all have scheduled meetings and appointments.

And one of the best tricks to fit exercise into a busy schedule is to actually put your workouts as appointments in your calendar.

So, you can do the exact same thing with rest and relaxation. Schedule time throughout your days to sit back and relax.

Slow down, enjoy the ride, and feel the joy of motherhood!

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